I was Leading/Directing the Developer and Designed this online product (concept, design, & art). It’s a 3D MMO Youth Empowerment Platform a.k.a 3D MMO Participatory World (web-based).

Product Concept/Designer, UX/UI Designer, Art Director, Product development head for this cool 3D Fashion Mobile App.


Logo for Buddha's Garage.. ~the best auto workshop in texas.
Satisfaction guaranteed, & you'll leave the garage as calm as buddha.. :)

  1. Logo for Serenity Mega Media. An Online Game Publisher & Developer.

  2. Logo fo a MMORPG : ROSE Online evolution Indonesia & Malaysia (for different country; I only change the gray country tab below and the flag). ROSE=Rush On Seven Episodes. You can see the seven planets if you climb up the castle with flags :D

  3. Sentrahost Logo. Server Company.

  4. Credo. Petrified/Fossil Wood Rarities & Furniture Company

  5. Anti-virus Software from Indonesia: ANSAV. Yup! they’re blades! (don’t ask!)

  6. Anvie Multicast. Tech & Innovation Company

  7. Logo for the Glorious Mijix. Tech & Innovation Company.

  8. A logo I recently made for a 3D Social Youth Empowerment Online! This is a re-designed logo with more freshness, depth(as 3D), and brighter mood. ~and… wait for the future release for a new version of the product!

  9. I designed this POP: Digital entertainment LOGO. And this image is for promotional purposes.

  10. Mobile Crossroad. Logo for monthly Mobile Tech event attended & organized by key player and quality speakers from Mobile Tech Industry in Indonesia.