“Cewe”. 3D head sculpting.

3D Low-Poly Portrait/Selfie

HorseFace3D. Began from simple left-view pencil sketch. This guy's face is long like a horse. LOL. Yup, he was born with incapability to show a smile. The only cool thing about him is just his spiky gold hair.

Javanese Palace Guard. A character I designed for a MMORPG. He's a soldier. and..~Nothing kinky about him.. >.<

Female Warrior. A character I designed for a MMORPG. She's a pretty & cute girl... but be polite, or the demon inside her will come out and pop your eyes out! ~hm..that's kinky enough.

17 Agustus (Indonesian Independence Day) Casual Costumes variants. Some 3D works done for ROSE Online Indonesia(Malaysia) while back. I was an Art Director & 3D artist at PT. Serenity Mega Media.

Special Edition Vehicles for ROSE Online. (Independence Day Edition) (1) Elite Army (2) Medic. Oh look! They even have their own Icon ;p And.. Those are the UVW/unwrap textures for each model.