“Bhrata Bheem”.
My depiction of Bheem (Bhima/Bima) The Vrekodar, my favorite bad-ass warrior from Mahabharat (Mahabharata); a Sanskrit epics of ancient India.

BADUT. Clown: Origin.

Save those fruits!



Call me: Misch-Helle

"Silent Agony"
from pencil sketch to digital painting.

The Unsure


~Straight from Hell. Red Hot Chili Demon!
Why chili? Pan your sight a bit down.. Stare down there for a while. You’ll know why. ~Yes. It is ~hot~ psssssshh

Bajingsenk! Underpants edition.

damsel damsel. Redheads are …

Naked Fury

This Steroid Junkie is switching his Junkiness... From all-drugs to (not~so)all-machine. Well, at least he can still keep his pumped-up muscles displayed, as his glorious-youth-memories trophy. Who needs drugs anymore? Plug me in, and I can lift a Truck while I'm dancing.

“Nuts in the shell”.
~monster design for Trowulan (MMORPG)


Jawless Bonehead.
Does he talk? Or.. Growl? Is that long-red-slimey-meat is his tongue? Is he from hell? NO…YES. YES. and YES.
~monster design for Trowulan (MMORPG)